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SmartAir Cooling & Heating can help you determine the specific needs of your business and recommend the most efficient heating and cooling system available.

We offer complete installation of all HVAC related equipment, ductwork, and gas piping and ventilation equipments including:
  • Rooftop heating and cooling units
  • Make-up air units
  • Boilers, tankless and tank water heaters
  • Computer server room climate control
  • Exhaust fans and Ventilation units
  • Infra-red tube heaters and unit heaters
  • Indoor pool dehumidification systems
  • Process equipment
  • Provide air balancing with reports and recommendations
  • Duct cleaning services
  • Installation and servicing of specialized air filtration systems
The Ultimate Commercial Maintenance Plan

There is no other plan like us to offer comprehensive commercial and industrial maintenance service agreements that focus on preventative maintenance, prolonging the life of the equipment and reduced energy consumption. The maintenance agreements save money, avoid inconvenient breakdowns, but most importantly, regular maintenance ensures safer working conditions and complete compliance with all TSSA requirements. Clients with a commercial maintenance agreement can be assured of responsive, preferential service from a fully bonded and insured company.

SmartAir HVAC Limited can also customize your service program to meet your individual maintenance and budget requirements, from simple inspection schedules to total care packages for all your commercial comfort equipment.

These ongoing preventative maintenance service agreements provide you not only long-term maintenance, but also the assurance of knowing your investment is protected.

We offer our customers peace of mind knowing that all equipment, services and installations reflect the highest quality standards.